Work in Progress – Weston, MA Residence


Design by: Catalano Architects
Construction by: Ken Vona Construction
(Progress photos taken onsite by Ken Vona Construction)

Design for this beautiful custom home began in 2010 with construction beginning in early Fall 2011. The house is scheduled for completion in Summer 2013.

Modern architectural interpretations are somewhat of a rarity in the staid communities in the Boston-metro area. We worked with the owner to incorporate materials associated with the modern vernacular: large expanses of glass, exposed steel, sheet metal roofs and paneling, and stone with a variety of surface treatments.

– At the rear of the 2-story high Great Hall a massive double height open corner bay window reveals an impressive view of the landscape beyond.

– Smooth tapestry finished stonework creates harmony between the home’s exterior and interior as it leads through the Main Entry into the Great Hall. Within the Hall this smoother finish is punctuated by lines of the textured split-face finish, creating an effect that leads the eye through the Hall to the huge window and external views.

– The dark stained sapele window frames create a striking contrast against light colored stone and stucco.

– Lead coated copper standing seam roof panels form a continuous material that transitions into deep, angular overhangs reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright’s early Prairie style. The lead coated copper responds to changes in sky tones, picking up various shades of gray and blue as the days and seasons change.

– Exposed galvanized steel supports large expanses of floor to ceiling glass for an elegant, modern effect.

The stone was cut and prepared locally by Charles J Precourt and Son Inc. while the DeBlasio bothers laid the stone which involved maintaining an established coursing pattern around the entire building that integrated perfectly with windows and steel elements.


– Exposed galvanized steel
– Curtain wall glass
– Sapele wood
– Smooth finish stucco EFIS (exterior insulation finishing system)
– Minnesota limestone in various finishes:
* Split-face stone finish was used in the more informal areas
and the entire Lower Level
* Tapestry (sand blasted) stone finish was used in the more
formal central mass and stone trim throughout the house


Limestone: Limestone lends itself well to architectural work, as it stands up well to exposure while still being soft enough to craft to fit different dimensions. Limestone is unique to the region in which it is harvested, as it often contains grains in the form of aragonite or calcite shell remains of local organisms.

Galvanized steel: Steel that has gone through a chemical process to make it resistant to corrosion or rust. Through one of three methods, steel is layered with melted zinc that binds to and protects the inner layer of pure steel. Galvanized steel is used commonly in various industries, as it is cost efficient, extremely durable, and recyclable.

Sapele: An African hardwood in the same family as Mahogany. Sought after for use in exterior projects and flooring as well as the making of high-end musical instruments as it excels both structurally and aesthetically.

*Fun facts:
– American Cadillac carmakers use sapele wood for their vehicles’ interior trim
– The great pyramid in Giza, Egypt is made of Limestone
– Steel is recycled more often than any other material in North America



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