Work In Progress: Fishers Island

This work in progress is a renovation of a single family home on the Northeastern tip of Fishers Island. It was built in 1931 and belonged to the Luce family for 40 years.

Our clients fell in love with Fisher’s Island many years ago, and they jumped at the chance to purchase this beautiful property when it became available. They were drawn to the stunning views and roaring sounds of the water from all directions. After renovation, the house will function as a vacation home for the family.

The main living areas feature large lift & slide doors that open to the expansive ocean views. As a vacation home right on the coast, the house has many nautical elements incorporated into its design – salvaged old ship lights and portholes, a custom floor compass rosette with a map of the island, lighthouse style lights, and other accents. Our clients enjoyed scouting out auctions for antique furniture and decor to compliment the design and construction of their island retreat.

The renovation of the main house is expected to be completed by the end of the year. Work on the pool house is just starting, with plans to build off of the existing pool location as shown in the images.


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