Work in Progress: Bar Harbor Lofts

This work in progress is a renovation of an existing multi-family residential building located in the historic Downtown Village district of Bar Harbor, Maine. The building was originally built in the early 1900’s as a single-family residence, but over the years numerous additions and renovations have reconfigured the structure into a multi-family building.

Our client was especially drawn to the Bar Harbor area and was excited to find this building in one of its neighborhoods, located within walking distance to the shoreline. A mixture of single-family homes, duplexes, and commercial/retail buildings populate the area, creating a diverse, coastal atmosphere.

Given the age of the building and haphazard additions, extensive interior and exterior renovations will be required to complete the renovation. Operating within the building’s existing footprint and shingle exterior, we are working with our client to produce a mixture of modern and traditional design for each loft-style unit. Each unit utilizes open floor plans and functional space planning. Large new windows will serve to bring light into the spaces and add visual appeal. A mixture of materials including painted cement boards, cedar shingles, and metal wall panels will work together to provide a modern, weather-resilient exterior façade.

This project is currently in the early stages of the design phase, and construction is expected to begin later this year. Below you will find photos of the existing structure along with two 3D-rendered images of the current design.


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