In the News: Casa Brutale, A Fantastical Cliffside Retreat

Though Catalano Architects is best known for its work in Traditional New England architecture, as individual professionals part of our work is exploring innovation and the variety of creative thought within our field.

An article in Huffpost Home caught our eye this week. It features Casa Brutale, a breathtaking conceptual home (yet to be built on a site) that brings cliffside living to a new level – the home is literally built into the side of a cliff.

On the surface of the cliff one can only see a swimming pool with small patio and an open stair leading down into the cliff. Save for the glimmer off the top of the swimming pool and the curve of a ladder, the site is nearly invisible on approach. The swimming pool doubles as the roof of the home, and its glass bottom sends ripples of refracted light through the main living area and provides a clear view of anyone swimming above.

Overall, the design is futuristic and Brutalist but the atmosphere provided by the natural landscape creates some warmth in what would otherwise be a rather cold home. Interesting to imagine!

Click here to read the article.


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