Work in Progress: Wellesley, MA

We are excited to announce that construction for this brand new residence in Wellesley has finally started.

The 2.3 acre site used to hold an old 2-story house, a pool, a detached garage, and a tennis court – all of which were demolished. The proposed property will consist of new 2.5-story home and carriage house.

The new owners – a family of six – expressed a desire for bright, comfortable, inviting spaces that they can live and function well in.  

The building will be composed in five-parts with a strong central mass and formal symmetry. When viewed from the street, the house will be mostly screened by existing and proposed vegetation, creating privacy for the family. Existing trees along all sides of the property line will also serve as a buffer between neighbors.

The proposed buildings are consistent with the surrounding architecture.  Composed of brick, painted cedar clapboard, and a slate roof, it will compliment and reflect the scale and traditions of the surrounding neighborhood. The use of handmade, molded bricks suits the character of the building and brings a level of tradition to the façade.



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