Delight In the Details

“God is in the details” – Mies van der Rohe, architect (1886-1969)

Carefully planned and finely executed design details can take a project to the next level, eliciting true delight from those experiencing the final project. Whenever possible, Catalano Architects strives to not just meet expectations, but exceed them. When a client walks into the finished space and says “wow”, we know we have succeeded.

Architectural details are often small pieces of the larger plan for a building, but they characterize and define the project. The manner in which even a simple connection is designed can be indicative of the designer’s attitude toward the building. Our firm pays careful attention to even the smallest details for each and every project, setting us apart from other architecture firms.

Below are a few examples that illustrate the important impact architectural details have on our projects.

Cupola Design by Catalano Architects
In this Weston home, we took a typical cupola design and articulated the corners to give it more detail. The heavy masculine timber beams are eased into a gracious curve and provide great contrast to the intricate design of the cupola.
Stairway Design by Catalano Architects
This beautiful stairway highlights the “wow factor” this home possesses right from the moment of entry. Each stair riser is independently expressed, creating a cascading effect when viewed from below. The newel post caps are all hand carved acorns.
Front entry, spiderweb transom window & sidelines on main entry
This example shows how much thought goes into a front entry. This is a “modified” Tuscan order. The stylized columns are proportioned specifically to the entry portico.

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