About Our Firm

President of Catalano Architects Thomas P. Catalano AIA, LEEP AP
Thomas P. Catalano AIA, LEEP AP
President of Catalano Architects

Catalano Architects, established in 1987, is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in design and craftsmanship.

We pride ourselves on the ability to listen to our clients and understand not only their functional requirements, but also their aesthetic aspirations. Our continuing success is built upon this close working relationship with our clients.

Regardless of project size, we bring a highly refined sense of detail and preparation to our projects, resulting in a refreshing alternative to the culture of mass homogenization in which we live. We believe that good architecture can enliven our existence and relieve us from the mediocrity of much of the built environment. Our projects are the singular expression that results from involved clients and awareness of, and sensitivity to, their specific sites.

We have completed projects ranging in scale and complexity: from new residences, additions and renovations for single families, to large-scale condominium projects, retail spaces and restaurants, although we are best known for the design of elegant custom residences throughout New England and New York state.


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